The Progressive Grassroots Movement

We can't count on the politicians to make things right. The real changes come from the grassroots. Let us get together and make real changes. We elected Barak Obama and now he is just doing whatever he (or his corporate sponsors) wants. Over and over, he ignores the will of the people, as do our legislative representatives (with some great exceptions). Now, with Citizens United, it has become even more impossible for anyone without serious corporate, fat cat sponsorship to ever win an election, especially on a national level.I have not donated to the Democratic Party this year. My money and energy go to grass roots organizations who are independent of the Establishment.

Black Friday saw the breakout of the long-oppressed Walmart workers as they went on strike with the strong support of Occupy.

Occupy the Farm - The Film - Official Trailer from Todd Darling on Vimeo.

Europeans Strike Against Austerity. Austerity is something the 1% dreamed up and the politicians and media took up as a crusade. We have this disease in America and Europe as well. The people in Europe are fighting back in huge mass protests which the lamestream media virtually ignores.
Palestine's Resistance to Zionist Military Occupation.

Won't you please come to Chicago...

Chicago has been the site of revolutionary activity on several fronts. The protest against Nato's visit made a powerful statement, followed by the teachers' strike which led to a successful settlement. Occupy Chicago has been a vibrant presence in both of these crusades. So has Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, fameous for their part in the Weather Underground. They are still fighting for a better world.

While Chicago has long been a city of protest and revolutionary ferment, it is also a center of reaction. The Chicago School of economics led by Milton Friedman was the catalyst for the infamous Shock Doctrine by which laissez-faire capitalism was forced on people all over the world through violence. The police of Chicago are notorious for being violent and corrupt. Chicago is a place of extremes.

Mass Mobilization at Walmart Warehouse Hundreds to Show Support for Demands of Striking Warehouse Workers Monday

ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 1st, a caravan of buses from Chicago will join community, faith and labor organizations in Will County to support workers on strike at the Walmart warehouse in a mass mobilization in Elwood, near Joliet. The rally will bring this usually invisible distribution syste m into the public eye to protest unfair labor practices and other abuses in the nation’s largest inland port.

From approximately 2-4PM, today, October 1st, Walmart warehouse workers will be engaging in an act of civil disobedience.

A petition with about 40,000 signatures was delivered to the office by representatives of Warehouse Workers for Justice, a Joliet-based workers’ rights group. Also present were members of a group that walked off their Walmart warehouse job on Saturday after employees said they suffered retaliation for a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday.

The lawsuit was against Roadlink Workforce Solutions for alleged wage theft. Several employees who approached Roadlink managers on Saturday to present a list of complaints were fired on the spot, said Leah Fried, a spokeswoman for Warehouse Workers for Justice.

After the dismissals a total of about 30 nonunion workers walked off the job and began picketing in front of the 3.4 million-square-foot warehouse at 26453 Center Point Drive, she said. Four more workers joined the strikers on Sunday, Fried said.

“The idea here is Walmart takes notice and starts dealing with the abuses of the contractors,” she said.

Roadlink was hired by Schneider National and Schneider was hired by Walmart in a third-party logistics system that workers complain is unfair because the tertiary companies come and go and no one ever fixes workplace problems.